Auspicious Visit…. Ganpati Bappa Morya

The most awaited and loved 10 day festival arrived with lots of joy and pomp. We welcomed the Elephant God; Lord Ganesh, Ganpati Bappa to our homes. 

Adorning the Lord Ganesha with flowers and a little love! The  decoration is a labour of pure love and devotion.

This is a Rangoli, a decoration done in front of houses during festivals and auspicious occasions to welcome prosperity to our homes. Rangoli colors are fine grounded rice flour of different colors.

The third days marks another divine visit from the sisters of Lord Ganesha; Goddess Gauri, Laxmi, Mahalaxmi are few of her names. The Goddess arrive in pairs with their two children. In some parts of Maharashtra she is also known as the mother of Lord Ganesha.

                                       Elaborate preparations and extensive decorations are made as her visit marks the visit of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity at ones home.

On the second day of the Goddess’s arrival an elaborate meal spread is presented to her that consists of 16 vegetables, 5 sweets, chutneys, 2-3 varieties of fried delicacies, rice, dal with the sumptuous heavenly smelling ghee.

An arti is performed to the divine guests requesting them to accept the food that is offered. Every one in the house prays for health, happiness, wealth and prosperity to always dwell in the house. 

  Then all the family members and the guests invited over for the puja sit down to have the prasad or the sumptuous meal and I can assure that this meal seems the most delicious with a dash of divinity!